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Our alpine pasture

Our alp is at an altitude of around 2000 m, in a fantastic location below the Geisler peaks on the edge of the Unesco World Heritage nature park Puez-Geisler with a view of the valley and the Langkofel group

The hay work can be exhausting but satisfying. You are welcome to lend a hand. And then there is a workout with local products at our mountain cottage.

alpine pasture alpine pasture alpine pasture

Our garden

Enjoy a snack in our garden or in our alpine hut with local products, a glass of wine and a view of the Langkofel.

In the garden it will certainly not be boring and children will enjoy to jump on the trampoline, play table tennis, slide and swing or playing in the sand.

There are fresh eggs every day

Fresh vegetables and herbs straight from our garden (summer only)

tyrolean snack herbs garden